Acacia Games Night May 13, 2011

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Got some work done late last night, so I was able to play some basketball at the ARC this morning with lee, john, matt, and spencer. We had some pretty fun games and played until 12:30, at which time I went back home and continued working. Pretty much wrote for PetaPixel until I left for Acacia’s potluck and games night at Jack’s place.

After eating and a short worship time led by Rob, we had a bananagrams tournament, then some Set, then some Kemp. I was paired up with Mike for Kemp, and our secret signal turned out to be quite effective (we won a ton of games). Instead of communicating some kind of motion or facial expression, we game up with the idea of looking at something specific. This allowed us to throw people off by looking in all kinds of random directions before actually communicating the signal by looking at the agreed upon thing/person.

Was pretty fun and funny.

My Perfect Dip Bar arrived today. It was a huge pain to install, and is kind of a pain to add and remove from the bar, but at least now I have a way to do bar dips. Yay for my slowly expanding home gym.