Last Football Loss May 9, 2011







Work went well today. It usually does on mondays when a lot of stories pile up over the weekend. In the evening we had our last IM football game of the season at 7. We lost twice this season, so todays game was pretty meaningless and both teams were chill. We swapped our offense and defense for a while.

At the end of the game it was super close, and we had some chances to win, but we lost the game by a single throw just like last game. Urgh.

Had a tennis match with tiff afterward that would have taken us into playoffs if we had won. We played her friend — a team that was ranked first in our division.

We started off really strong, crushing them 6-1 in the first set, but then we started faltering and the opponents started playing better. We ended up losing the match in third set tiebreak 4-7. Urgh.

Selling the Voigtlander 35mm lens that I bought along with my Leica M6 on eBay.