Playing But Sick May 2, 2011

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Did work from home today. My dad came back before noon because had an easy day at the lab, and then I received a new modem from the at&t dude we’ve been working with (jose) to see if that’ll fix the issues we’re experiencing. I set everything up but couldn’t get the wireless working on the modem. It just wouldn’t broadcast the SSID, and I know all the settings were correct.

Around noon I started feeling a bit strange, and then had to lie down and take a pretty long nap. By mid afternoon it was pretty clear I had food poisoning (from what was coming out both ends, if you know what I mean). It was bad since I had two pretty important IM games tonight — one in football and one in tennis. I rested up as much as I could and then went to football at 7. We ended up losing by a single score on a play that we would have won with had we gotten the touchdown. Instead it was an incompletion and we lost the game, and our shot at playoffs. Gah.

In tennis we ended up doing pretty well, winning 6-1, 6-4.

Slept early since I’m still feeling nauseous and food poisoned (or maybe stomache flu’d, hopefully the former).