A Sporty Afternoon May 1, 2011

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Was greeter this morning at the beginning of service in Jack’s place — the first time I’ve done it. Emman lead worship for me since I was gone yesterday at henry’s wedding. Went to special sunday school after service where rob, joe, and I learned from david and his lesson on “welcoming”. Our special class is coming to an end soon.

Had a short rest at home after lunch, and then went to ultimate frisbee at 2. We lost our match pretty badly today against a group of tennis players, even though we were neck and neck in the beginning of the game.

Played a couple/few hours of bball at the arc with george after. When we got there it was pretty empty, but we realized the heat-celtics game was still going on. We went upstairs and watched it on the tvs in front of the stair machines, and then I predicted that there would soon be a lot of people playing since they’d be inspired after watching the game. People did come, but not as quickly as I thought. We lost some games at first, and then went on a winning streak, before finally losing a game at close to 6 and called it quits.

Had a IM softball game at 7, which we won by a blowout. It was asians vs hispanics.