Internet Still Iffy April 20, 2011

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Slept pretty late last night, but still ended up waking around my usual time (between 9:30 and 10:30). My body goes according to time of day rather than the amount of time I sleep. The AT&T technician named Jose came to our house a third time today to look at our internet again. We’re still experiencing dropped connections all the time.

In the past he would come to the conclusion that there was something wrong with the wiring inside our house, but this time I explained the that problem happened even with the modem plugged directly to the jack outside our house. I also showed him the problem happening live a couple times, which convinced him that something was wrong. He changed some stuff with the wiring, then had someone on AT&T’s end do something called a “rip and rebuild” or something like that. The connection seemed more stable afterwards.

If it continues to happen, he’ll provide us with a different modem (we’re using 2wire), and if it persists, he’ll be doing a more drastic “last resort” fix on AT&T’s end.

My bro accidentally got some kind of virus/spyware on his computer today after trying to watch a tv show, and killed it. The computer wouldn’t boot up, so I had to use a windows xp disc and restore the boot sector.

Played a second IM softball game with my coed team. We won against a not so good team by two runs. It was pretty close in the end, but we pulled out the win.