Boardin At Boreal April 15, 2011














Went snowboarding at Boreal with tiff today. Invited some friends too but getting a group together didn’t work out. Left at around 10 and got there close to noon. Though it didn’t really rain during the day ( predicted a 30% chance), it was pretty foggy and sprinkly throughout the day up until late afternoon.

It was $15 for all ages today, but I already purchased 4 Boreal vouchers from a UC Davis student a while back, so we used two of them today (even though they were $22 a pop) since the season in ending in a short time.

Accelerator was pretty much the only good lift open today. The main run down it was pretty fun for a while, but we soon starte doing the jumps on the side runs. We each landed a few good “jumps”.

Didn’t put on sunscreen since I usually don’t like wearing it (don’t do too many sports under the sun) and because it was a super overcast day. Only at the end of the day did I discover that clouds don’t do much in preventing sunburns.

Left at around 6 and got back to davis at close to 8. Made it back in time for most of compass and acacia. For acacia we had a potluck where we watched the Jesus film while eating.

Went home a bit early from Acacia to get some rest. Some of us are driving down to berkeley to watch the 11am showing of GLive tomorrow.