Visiting The Horses April 11, 2011

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Found a coupon for $2 bowls at baja fresh, and grabbed that with tiff for lunch. Sat in on a class, and spent a good part of the afternoon doing my work in the meyer computer lab while tiff worked for a couple hours in her lab upstairs. On the way to meyer we stopped by a places with horses. There were a couple baby ones, and feeding them was pretty neat.

At 7 we had our first 4v4 flag football game, with most of the same players we had for our championship fall team returning. The other team was super tall, strong, and fast. We were neck and neck exchanging touchdowns in the first half, and ended up tied before the second. In the beginning of the second, we squandered an opportunity, had another chance to take the lead, then gave up an interception that completely changed the game (my fault). In the end we lost 61-35 because we started doing hail marys and giving up the ball more.

Had a corec tennis match at 845 with tiff. Won that one 6-0, 6-1. Was fun.