Shields Fire Alarm April 6, 2011

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Worked from home until a little before noon, at which time I dropped my bro off at the dhs tennis courts to hang out in the afternoon with this friends. I then drove to sorento, parked my car, pulled my bike out of the trunk, and biked to campus to sit in on tiff’s human development class. In the parking lot I saw seaton, and on the way to campus I happened to run into yao (so we biked together).

The internet in wellman was pretty iffy today. It was a constant fight for connectivity.

Did some work in the library after, and had a late lunch/early dinner at plutos (had a main salad with meat).

Saw my fam a little in the evening, then picked up jeff, tiff, and courtney at 6pm to play basketball at the arc. We played four games, winning one. For most of them we were pretty outmatched physically, but our hard play and tight defense allowed us to stay close and lose two of them by one or two points.

Got some yoloberry after (used my groupon coupon), and then went to an IM captains meeting after dropping off jeff and courtney.