Tube Change Try March 31, 2011

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Biked to campus in the morning with tiff and seaton and followed them around from class to class. Had lunch at the silo (I got Carls jrs), and left for home at 3pm when tiff needed to go home and get her lacrosse gear. Discovered that my tire was flat right before heading home, and found that it immediately deflated after trying to pump it again at the bike shop near the silo.

Since I already pumped my tires once in the morning at seaton’s place, I knew the tire had some sort of hole. Biked back to sorento on it anyway, which might have been a dumb thing to do, since I think the rim might have bent a little (I’m detecting a slight wobble when spinning the wheel). Might have to get that adjusted/fixed.

Played tennis with kevin in the evening in preparation for our IM doubles season. Spent time at home working in the evening instead of going to small group. Needed to do tomorrow’s work today because I’ll be in SF shooting engagement photos for Henry tomorrow.