First Film Shots March 9, 2011





031811_2011-03-09 14.39.06.jpg

031811_2011-03-09 14.39.21.jpg







Picked my brother up from school at 2:35 today. Went to the arc and played basketball with george at 5:30, staying till about 7:40. We had some pretty intense and close games, winning some and losing a couple. In one of the games I had to guard this giant guy who pretty much did all the scoring for the other team. We lost.

Picked up tiff from lacrosse practice and drove her home. Chilled at home and got random stuff done in the evening.

It’s been fun learning about my new M6, but only having f/2.5 and ISO200 film is making shooting indoors and at night a pain. Just ordered 10 rolls of ISO800 film from adorama today. Still trying to figure out the best way (i.e. cheapest) to have film developed, printed, and digitized.

Was work in the ARC study room in the evening when suddenly we learned that there was a huge earthquake in japan. Was following the story on various news sites the rest of the night, and came home to my dad watching the news on his computer.