Internet Repair March 7, 2011


Work was pretty slow today. Took a super long time to get things posted, but got work done by the end. My parents went for a short walk around 4, and soon after they left my brother called me for a pickup. As I was about to head out the door, the doorbell rang and it was the AT&T repair technician I requested in the morning.

I tried to reach my mom but couldn’t, so my brother ended up waiting about half an hour for my parents to come back and give him a ride home. I hung out with the repair dude, trying to figure out why our internet connection still tends to drop and reset every so often when its being used.

Eventually we figured out that the problem seems to originate from one of the two telephone jacks being used by telephones in our home. We put new filters on both of them, so hopefully it fixes the problem. On one of the jacks, we were using a single filter for two telephones, not knowing that the filter only filters one of the lines (the other is for the DSL modem). That might have been the problem as well.