Reformatting Fail February 21, 2011

030211_2011-02-22 01.04.54.jpg

Was presidents day today. In the morning my brother and I decided to reformat his computer since it has been running very slowly lately. After starting the recovery process, the first of seven discs didn’t complete but suddenly created an “Stream error” message. It quit the reformatting process and left my bro’s computer with an OS installed.

Found that the disc had some bad sectors, and spent most of the day trying to recover the data from the recovery disc. Near the end of the day I gave up on that plan of action and turned my attention to giving my brother a fresh windows xp home install, and using the product key found on the back of his computer to activate it. That worked, but left my bro with a computer that lacked some important drivers, including ethernet. Oops. More work to be done tomorrow.

Played some tennis with kevin in the evening, then studied with compass friends for the rest of the night.