Burning Plastic February 18, 2011



After a couple weeks of smooth sailing work slowed down a bit the past couple days in terms of photography-related news stories that I could report on. Hung out with my bro some in the afternoon while he wasn’t at tennis practice, and decided to stay home from acacia in the evening with him while my parents went to fellowship so I could prepare for leading worship this sunday.

Read some more of the economist today. It’s super dense and has a bazillion articles. I remember reading time magazine over breakfast at dana house. It’s going to be a lot toughter getting through these magazines every week.

We had a minor boo-boo at home today. My dad started roasting a turkey in the oven while there was a tupperware cap accidentally left at the bottom. I just so happened to be walking past the kitchen when I noticed some fire in the oven. We had to air out the house and put out the burning plastic at the bottom. Took a while for the house to not smell. The turkey turned out well in the end though.