Boreal Boarding December 31, 2010

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We took a family trip to Boreal for snowboarding today. It was my bro’s second time and my first. I used the Burton asymmetrical board from 1992 that I bought last night and am also reselling tomorrow, so it was pretty much like a free rental. We snowboarded from noon to around six or seven, while our parents hung out and chatting in the lodge the whole time.

We started out with some green runs. I pretty much rolls down the hill the first two times. On the third time I kinda started figuring out how to carve.

After a quick lunch break where we ate subway sandwiches, we did another green, and then stepped up to blue (my bro wanted to). I was carving pretty well on green, so I thought it would translate into doing well on blue.

That wasn’t the case.

My tumbling down the mountain started again on the blue runs, and lasted pretty much until we left. When the hill gets less steep, I have a pretty good time carving and going semi-fast, but on the really steep slopes of blue runs I have a really hard time going down unless it’s with the snowflake method. I want to learn how to carve down sleeper hills.

By the end of the day, I was pretty banged up and felt like a mob of people had trampled me. Hopefully if I go again in the near future (and with a better board) it’ll be a smoother experience.

Played some black ops in the evening with my bro before we watched the ball drop. Happy new years!

I took approximately 9,700 photographs the past year.