Small Gee Dinner December 30, 2010

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Worked for a good chunk of today while enjoying some black ops with my bro. Went to the arboretum with my family in the afternoon, where my parents walked around the path while my bro and I threw a football outside mrak hall. In the evening I drove to sac to buy snowboard boots from one craigslist dude, and a snowboard and bindings from another.

The boots were for $30, and after we met up at a target in downtown sac, I discovered that the seller was one of the dudes I played basketball with at Bo’s open gym yesterday.

What the.

It’s a small world.

The board was a 160cm Burton snowboard and bindings for $100. I bargained it down to $90 and drove directly to Pastor Gee’s house for his annual college student and recent college grad dinner.

Compared to past years, this years dinner was super small and super low key. Only bonnie, adora, yingnan, jeff, and I attended.

After I got home, I discovered that the board is actually a Burton Asym Air 6 board from 1992. Hmmmm… Probably should have done some more research before buying it. I’m going to be using it tomorrow when my family goes up to the snow, and then try and sell it off on craigslist.

Very shortly after listing it, a guy emailed me and told me he wanted to buy it. We talked on the phone, and he’s going to be coming saturday evening to check it out (and hopefully buy it). If I got someone interested just minutes after I posted the ad at 11pm, then chances are good I’ll be able to sell this thing.