New Television December 29, 2010





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Tried to get work done early today but my productivity got derailed by fun. We received the new tv we ordered as a christmas present for my bro (and to replace our old one that just broken). I also drove over to vacaville and picked up an 80gb PS3 with two controllers for $180. Finally, I picked up Black Ops at the vacaville game stop on the way home.

My bro and I are gonna have a fun time playing that game together.

Had dinner with Isaac at Tommy J’s after getting home, and didn’t show him the games until after we had finished eating (they were hidden in my glove compartment). We both got barbeque bacon burgers.

Tried quite a bit of black ops in the evening after we got home. Having internet connectivity really changes what it means to have a video game system. Was pretty fun. Nazi zombies is too.

We really need to play more tennis. Isaac’s second varsity season is just around the corner.