Joint Secret Santa December 18, 2010

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Had a really nice breakfast with the staff this morning at emmanuel’s, where we also discussed things like an upcoming parent meeting and a church overnight lock-in. Took a long nap in the afternoon, and went to church at 5 for worship team prep. We did three christmas songs tonight, but a lot of random things didn’t go right.

The projector wasn’t working for most of the first song, and for the second one I started singing the song in the wrong key, so the vocals and the instruments didn’t match. Haha. We had to restart the song and then I took a little while figuring out the key again. Wasn’t very smooth. Still, I’m thankful for the opportunity to do worship.

Other things we did included games, a short talk by joe, a secret santa gift exchange, and telephone charades. I gave joshua a mini remote control car, while mandy gave me a chocolate bar and a pack of guitar picks.