Wii Tank Game December 14, 2010

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122810_2010-12-14 20.08.40.jpg

122810_2010-12-14 21.29.07.jpg

122810_2010-12-14 21.42.42.jpg

Spent most of the day working, and played basketball again with sung in the evening before prayer meeting. I think I’m improving, and learning to be more aggressive. Made a good number of jumpshots today, but still didn’t drive well. Got to prayer meeting a half hour early and talked with bo a little. Only joe and yingnan showed up for our group today. I think Dave L. is out of town.

Went to jess’ place for a while afterward to play this tank game on the Wii with joe. It was pretty frustrating because you’re taken all the way back to the first level when you both die.