Persimmon Overload December 7, 2010

122710_2010-12-06 21.53.32.jpg

122710_2010-12-07 15.50.49.jpg

122710_2010-12-07 18.42.10.jpg

122710_2010-12-07 18.52.49.jpg

Had a rice and eggplant lunch (thx yingnan!) at home before heading off to campus to do my blogging work in one of their computer labs again. In the evening after I got home, I took a walk over to Korematsu with my mom, where I tried doing the Ray Allen shooting drill. Failed. Out of the four or five times I’ve tried, I’ve only finished it once. It’s pretty frustrating.

My dad has been picking free persimmons from some research trees on campus. They let anyone take them after they’re done being used for research purposes. He hauled a HUGE bag of the fruit home today, after getting a huge box of them a few days ago. Nice.