Sinus Recovering November 27, 2010

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Was hoping my sinus pain and headache would go away overnight, but alas it did not. Improved a little though. Spent the day trying different ways to expedite the recovery process. Among the things I did were nasal irrigation, ibuprofen, and breathing in onion water steam. By the end of the day I did indeed feel improvement.

I’ve been using a water bottle + paper funnel combo for nasal irrigation, and ordered a neti pot thing on Amazon yesterday. It wasn’t scheduled to arrive til next monday, so my mom bought one from longs for me since I desparately needed it today. A few hours after using the one from Longs, a package with the Amazon neti pot arrived on my doorstep. Yay for one day shipping, but that was pretty bad luck.

Emman offered to take over worship responsibilities tomorrow after learning of my predicament. Went to worship practice tonight, but ended up deciding to get some extra rest by staying off the team tomorrow morning.

For rhythm tonight we had dinner, games, and then watched the junior skit from the “Undo” GLive. Afterward we broke into discussion groups to talk about it.

Changed the strings on my Taylor for the first time today. Now I’m using these Elixer strings off Amazon that got good reviews. I really like the sound of them compared to my old strings. It feels… brighter and fuller.