Jammin At Jacks November 24, 2010

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Did some work on campus and had lunch downtown at a noodle place. Went on a walk with my mom in the early evening, and somehow pulled something in the back of my thigh while bending over on one leg to pick up a basketball. Hopefully it’s just extra soreness from the jog I went on recently and will go away by next monday, when we have our IM football playoff game.

At 6 I went over to holmes to play 5 on 5 basketball. George didn’t have 7th grade boys practice today, so we invited a bunch of people for some bball with the gym all to ourselves. We played three games before calling it quits. Only the first game was intense, while the subsequent ones had a lot of fooling around and lack of effort.

At around 9:45 I was summoned over to jack’s house by rob to jam. We ended up jamming with dave h. and dave g., playing worship songs and degrading into katy perry’s teenage dream. Hmmmm….