Found A Dog October 17, 2010









As we were walking to church from the med center parking lot today, we came across a dog that had a collar but seemed to be lost. Yingnan and I weren’t going to do anything, but it ran ahead of us into the street and almost got hit by a car. It wasn’t street savvy at all, so Yingnan grabbed it by the collar and took it to church.

At church, we tried calling the number on the collar, and then grabbed a yellowbook for animal control. No one picked up any of our calls, so we finally asked lisa and george to help. They’re keeping the dog in their backyard until we can figure out what to do.

Since we were so late to service, some of us sat in the baby room in the back, listening and watching through the one way glass.

Sat in with joe as he taught the senior high sunday school class.

Had study hall with the youth in the afternoon, but many of them didn’t have any schoolwork so we ended up playing quite a bit of mafia.

Watched the giants lose badly to the phillies in the evening. Gah.