China Noodle Sauce August 10, 2010



Went to prayer meeting tonight for the first time since returning back to the States from China. Pastor Eric led us in some hymns and then shared a bit on the topic of loving God’s commands. Our small group was actually pretty big tonight: rob, sam, david, ying-nan, deborah, and I.

Pastor Eric shared a pretty interesting story that illustrates how we can view God’s law correctly and love it: Suppose there’s a group of children playing on a really high mountain with cliffs on every side of the little clearing they’re on. If there’s no protective fence around the side, the children aren’t actually very free to play as they wish on the clearing. However, if there IS a fence surrounding them, their objective “freedom” is diminished, but their “subjective” freedom is increased, since they are now free to play as they wish without worrying about falling over the side. In this way, they can view the restrictive fence correctly and love the protection it provides.

We can view God’s law in the same way, and learn to love it in the same way David expresses in the Psalms.

For dinner my dad made some noodles with a sauce like the kind we had at our uncle’s place when we were in china earlier his summer. Was very, very good.