Soccer At Arroyo August 6, 2010










Acacia went on a camping trip this weekend, but the youth group staffers in Acacia didn’t go. My parents had a family friend visit from LA, but my brother and I chose not to have dinner with them at a restaurant, but went to to the Arroyo fields to play soccer with some church people instead at 5pm.

There weren’t many people at first, but soon the field was pretty packed with people who regularly play there on fridays. Among the people that came were old grace valley friends of mine and my brother. A couple of his peers from when he went to grace valley christian academy were present, and were giant compared to when we saw them last.

When we returned home at 7:15pm we found restaurant food left on the counter for us. Was good.

Youth group will be pretty empty tomorrow with a bazillion people away for the weekend. Same with sunday service. Yingnan and I have the responsibility of somehow putting something together for English worship, the first time either of us have done it (I think).