Janky Tennis Court August 5, 2010




Had a pretty ordinary day today. Still spending quite some time each day studying chinese. I hope to be proficient in reading and writing in the near future. The website YellowBridge is amazing. It teaches me the etymology and stroke orders for pretty much every character I come across in my textbook.

My brother and I played tennis at Montgomery tonight, since we didn’t want to play too long today (it’s closer). There was only one court available, and we found that a huge portion of the corner was wet and under constant attack by the sprinkler outside. It was a pain fetching balls from that corner, especially because I have a hole near the front of my right shoe. My sock got a bit wet.

The montgomery courts were much improved compared to the last time we played there earlier this summer. Most of the lights were replaced, so it seems like it’s almost as bright as the community park courts now.