Bro Still Jetlagged July 29, 2010




Isaac still isn’t sleeping until 3 or 4am. I read somewhere online that a rule of thumb for people suffering from jet lag is that the number of days it generally takes for it to wear off is the number of timezones away you grew used to. Hmmm… My mom also has these nutritional supplement things that supposedly help.

Played some tennis with my brother in the evening, and went to In-N-Out for a late snack afterward. While waiting for the light on the other side of the downtown tunnel, another car stopped pretty close behind mine, and I tried the handbrake maneuver for inclined starts. Kinda panicked and peeled out though. Later while waiting in the drive through I also stalled. Was the first time stalling in quite a while. I think I’m getting more used to stick, especially after seeing some pro stick drivers in China.