Buying First Car June 23, 2010










Went to the bank this afternoon with my dad to withdraw money for the car I’m buying. I took out $4K from BoA while my dad got the rest from Golden 1. I’m going to be paying $5K for the car while my parents are helping with the rest as a graduation gift. The seller came over in the evening and we did the transaction in our living room.

Afterward I drove him to a restaurant in sacramento where we was meeting his wife.

When I got home, I finished my dinner and took the car out for a drive. It was one of the first times I’ve driven manual, and I didn’t have someone teaching me in the car. Instead, I spent a good deal of time the past few days reading and watching tutorials online, so I was finally able to practice all the theory I’ve learned.

It was weird seeing the stack of money we withdrew from the bank, and realizing that I was trading the small stack of useless paper for a super useful car. Someone who didn’t understand the concept of money would find the transaction pretty absurd, but it makes sense to us.