My Very First Car June 21, 2010







I’ve been looking for the past few weeks, since I’m out of school and in need of a car. I recently came across a listing for a 2005 Accord coupe owned by a person in Carmichael. He was nice enough to drive over today, and we got to take a look. We also drove over to a family friend who’s a mechanic, for him to take a look.

Everything looked fine, and the family friend was pretty confident the car is in tip-top shape. It has been taken care of pretty well for the past 5 years, and the owner doesn’t have any children or pets. Aside from some scratches and dings on the outside, the inside looks pretty much new.

It has about 85,000 miles on it, and is a manual transmission 4 seater. We’re getting it for a little over 9K.

We actually didn’t do the transaction today, since we didn’t have the cash ready, but he’ll be coming by again on wednesday, so that’s when it’ll actually come into my possession.

Hopefully I can become familiar with stick shift quickly.