Royal Officials Son June 5, 2010







Led prestudy this morning and the lesson in the evening at youth group on John chapter 4 and the royal official’s son. Prestudy was at joe’s place, and 6 of us (others were sick or had finals) started off with some nice breakfast prepared for us by joseph’s mom. I think the lesson went pretty smoothly, so praise God.

As I was walking to my car with isaac after youth group, I suddenly felt a sharp sting on my leg. Looking down, I saw that it was wet. I suddenly heard some shouting from a car that just drove past as it sped away, and realized that someone had thrown something at me.

Feeling and smelling my leg, I discovered that it was an egg.


Was pretty mad at first, and I felt like I wanted to chuck something after the car (had I something chuckable in my hand), but then I remembered that Christ endured far worse, and that this was a super-bland taste of what Christ experienced for us, and he didn’t make a sound.