Mouse And Chicken April 1, 2010








My (computer) mouse suddenly died yesterday, and today I decided to take it apart to see if I could fix it. Regardless of whether I actually fix things, I love taking things apart. Couldn’t fix it, and ended up throwing away everything except a few parts that might be useful for random purposes in the future. Cooked chicken in the evening.

Joe had dinner in alameda with a friend, and I had some chicken from safeway yesterday. Baked it like I experimented earlier in the semester, except this time I added a chicken broth mixture to the bottom to keep the juices and sauce from burning and filling the place with smoke. It worked, and the chicken actually cooked to completion without smoking like its done every time before.

Turned out well today, and ate it with the same cranberry salad I threw together yesterday.

Will try steak again next week.

So regarding life, I’ve still been pretty busy with writing for PetaPixel. Research is coming along, and our mobile computing group is finally going to get started (soon) with our cell phone application for CS 294.