Internet Broken January 18, 2010











When we got back to our apartment last night, the internet wasn’t working. I couldn’t get in touch with AT&T’s support reps, since it was after hours. The machine just kept saying “Please hold” forever. I think it was lying to me. This morning I got in touch with a rep, and found out our account was deactivated due to billing issues.

She gave me a billing department number to call, and the person I reached there informed me that the account hadn’t ever been paid, and that I wouldn’t be able to get any more information since I didn’t have a confirmation they needed to confirm my identity.

I called joe, and he told me that AT&T had been billing us the correct amount every month since we started the DSL. He then called the billing department and discovered that the money had been going to the wrong account (at least that’s what they’re saying), and that we’ll have to receive a new account. The only reimbursement we’ll receive for AT&T’s mistake is the cancellation of late fees and not being charged for the period the internet was off (since the 8th of this month).

Thus, I’ve had to go to Soda hall to use internet, and will have to do so until thursday, when the internet comes back on.

Had dinner with joe and justin at sun hong kong tonight, and spent the rest of the evening hanging out in Soda.