Short Road Trip December 28, 2009





My family left on a short “road trip” for winter break today. The original plan was to visit various places around the bay area, including my aunt’s place, but my mom came down with a slight cold, so we decided to stay around Berkeley. We lived at my studio, since joe’s living elsewhere for break, and visited places in and around Berkeley.

It was fun, since my family hasn’t had a chance to see Berkeley much since I started attending school there, and we strolled around campus at night after arriving. I also gave them a tour of my computer science department building. There’s no one around, since everyone is gone for break.

As I was parking the car after arriving at my apartment, I accidentally backed into a Mercedes across the street. Didn’t see it as all as I was backing up. On the way to the apartment, I had two near accidents as well.

I’m usually a good driver, so I’m not sure what was up tonight.

Left a note on the Benz, of course.