A Janky Shuttle December 21, 2009


Got a ride to Berkeley with Dustin in the morning, and got dropped off at soda hall. Internet wasn’t working properly there, so I walked to my Berkeley apartment to do some work. Met with my professor at 2pm, and spent about an hour discussing what I’ll be doing for my masters research. I think the plan is something to do with Twitter.

At 6pm, I started walking to the bus stop on the west edge of campus to catch the shuttle back to davis. While I was still quite a few blocks away, I noticed a girl with a luggage bag and a camera, and guessed that she was probably going to the same shuttle.

After I getting on the shuttle, I was tapped on the shoulder, and turned to see the same person I had walked behind in going to the shuttle. Turns out it was Lisha, a fellow youth grouper back in high school. We had a fun chat on the drive back to davis. Haven’t seen her since my high school days.

Oh right… the meaning of the title.

The shuttle between berkeley and davis has always been a large, touristy shuttle from past experiences. However, tonight it was a small little bus that had a u-haul style front section. I guess it was because there weren’t that many passengers.

The photo today doesn’t have anything to do with the day or the title. I just took it while walking from my apartment to the bus stop.