Eagle Falls Hike June 28, 2008





















After waking up and doing devotions, we spent the morning and most of the afternoon enjoying God’s wonderful creation. We spent many hours climbing to the top of a mountain near eagle falls in south lake tahoe. Climbing up was much harder than coming down, but the views were breathtakingly beautiful.

My mom didn’t go on the eagle falls hike with us, but instead went on a different hike closer to the campground. The trail was only a short, four mile drive away from our campground. Our group had about 26 people, and once everyone was there, we started up the trail.

My dad, brother, and I brought along around 6 bottles of water. Once we ran out, we filled them back up in the streams that were flowing down the mountain. The water was crisp, cold, refreshing, and delicious. When we were high enough for there to be ice, we scraped away the nasty top layer and ate chunks of the clean ice underneath.

At the summit, the view was amazing, and we could see much of Lake Tahoe. We rested for a while, took a group photo, and then headed back down on a different trail. My brother doesn’t like heights, so he stayed pretty far from the edge of the cliffs.

On the way down from the mountain, we stopped to rest at a very small lake that was teeming with fish. We took an insect net and caught some baby trout and put them in a sandwich bag. Later in the day we released them in Lake Tahoe.

Once we got back to our campground, I rested for a bit before walking over to Lake Tahoe with my mom, brother, and jane (grace chen’s little sister). My brother and jane played in the sand, while I found a huge fallen tree trunk to lie down on. It was in a great shady location at the edge of the sand, and had a gentle breeze blowing by. Lying there was one of the most comfortable and relaxing experiences I’ve ever had.

While the scholar’s fellowship had a meeting and bible study at night, the kids played games, made crafts, and roasted some more marshmallows.

There was a bear walking around the campgrounds last night. My brother and my dad heard the anti-bear food lockers rattling loudly, and this morning Steven Fan’s dad, Mike, told everyone that he took his flashlight and went out to investigate the noise, when he came face to face with the bear. It was lying on a table when he came across it, and was about 10 or 15 meters away from Mike. When Mike shined his flashlight into the bear’s eyes, it lumbered off towards the direction of my family’s tent. It then proceeded to rattle the bear locker that’s right outside our tent.