China Trip Begins June 29, 2005





















Leaving the house to start our china journey took forever. Finally, everything was finished and we started the car trip towards san francisco. I drove today, which isn’t too big of a deal, but when we got pretty close, the lane I was in split into two exits, and I accidentally went left instead of right.

We then spent forever trying to figure out how to get back onto the freeway, and that included a heart stopping short drive towards oncoming cars on a one way street. We got to the airport with a little more than two hours before our scheduled flight departure. When we finally got to the gate after the security checks and baggage drop offs, there was less than an hour before our departure. Thats around the time we learned that the seat numbers on the online website ticket printout weren’t actually assigned to us since we didn’t purchase them directly from united airlines.

Because of this, we had to wait till all the different sections of the plane were boarded already before they looked at the leftover seats and assigned them to us. Luckily, we got seats close together. The flight was estimated to take about 11 hours, with an arrival in Beijing at around 4:30. A major negative thing experienced today was one of the ladies behind the desk at the gate. She had a hot temper and was pretty ill spirited towards everyone who went up to the desk.

On the plane, things were actually better than I had heard and expected. The flight attendants weren’t nasty and stone faced, the food was surprisingly good and abundant, and the movies were pretty interesting. The movies they showed were Sideways, Coach Carter, Robots, X Men, and Bridget Jones 2. I’m writing this out on Mikey while Bridget Jones is still running. There’s a little less than two hours left in the flight.

We arrived at Beijing international airport on time and the landing was extremely smooth. Before landing, a flight attendant accidentally spilled water all over my lap. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but later on I realized that my small camera was in my right pocket. It worked fine after I did a quick check, so I put it back in my pocket. During landing, I tried again and discovered the camera wouldn’t power on. I felt bad talking to the flight attendant about it, because she was one of the only nice ones there, but it went well, but the process for anything to happen was complicated and long. I prayed a lot, and just as they were finalizing plans to file a report on the incident, I pressed the power button and the camera came to life. God cleared the whole mess up as quickly as it had developed.

Once we got off the plane, we stepped onto the soil of china, which teleports this post into the 30th. See you all there.