Graduation Ceremony June 10, 2005





















Graduating from high school is pretty surreal feeling. I feel like going back to my classes and my friends once monday comes around. We woke up early in the morning and met at the field at 830 to rehearse and go over what we were going to do at the ceremony. After lots of talking we were allowed to go home.

When the ceremony came around, we met on the field next to the stadium. As we walked in, I saw lots of people from years past that played a role in my life. Old friends’ parents. Old teachers.

The ceremony itself seemed to pass more quickly than I remembered from watching last year. Name after name was called and we tried hard to cheer loudly for our friends. Finally, after our senior song (somewhere over the rainbow?), we moved our tassels over to the right side, and the excitement began. Everyone came onto the field, and we took a crazy amount of pictures with one another.

We then went to annas house, where they had a little surprise part for us, with cake and food. We stayed there until 11:30, and then went to grad night.

Good times.

When I got home, I found my parents graduation present in two envelopes on my desk. They also took a ton of stuff from my past, and put them around the room along with photographs both of me and of the family. There were notes and letters with the present envelopes too.

The first was for a laptop, which I’ll probably need to get before our china trip. The envelope contained 50 20$ bills and 10 $50 dollar bills, which amounted to 1500$. The second present was for a professional digital SLR camera, like the Nikon D70 or the Canon 20D. I probably won’t get this anytime soon. Maybe I’ll buy it myself if my next web project turns out to be successful or something.

Thank you God for:

  • Giving me meaning in my life, and a true purpose to live
  • A warm and loving family, who show unconditional love and supported me along every step of the way. I wouldn’t trade families with anyone
  • An awesome group of Christian friends, who’ve helped me become the person I am today
  • All these years of good health and safety
  • Everything