Senior Ball May 14, 2005





















Today was a pretty busy day. There was an all church picnic in the morning, and then senior ball at night. The picnic was at a lake, where we explored pretty far down the bank, and travelled through hard branches and sharp thorns until finally coming to a dead end and turning back.

A lot of people from church showed up to eat and relax. There were peacocks running around wild, and Jeremy chased one across the freeway. I took a panorama while waiting to go into the restroom.

Church Picnic Panorama

After things started getting a bit boring, Joseph gave a bunch of us a ride home, and I started getting ready for senior ball.

The guys all met at bens house at around 4, and we all relaxed while waiting for the girls and all of our families to come. The parents arrived on time, but the girls quite a while to get there. When everyone was finally there, there was a never ending attack of pictures, and all the parents with cameras seemed to suddenly act like me. Finally, forever was over, and we were finally allowed to leave for sacramento.

The dance was at the radisson hotel in sacramento, and traffic was smooth all the way up to a few blocks away. Then we got into the line of cars and slowly moved into the parking lot. We got in, and waited in line to get our dinner cards. With our cards, we went into the giant room and found our table in the corner. There was salad and two kinds of dressing. My invisible date kept getting food, so I had double of different things, including salad and dessert.

Joe and Dit took pictures, and then our group took a picture, and finally we attempted to go dance. We started out with a bit of breakdancing by our table in the corner. We walked over to the dancefloor, but when the first slow song came on, everyone became awkward. We started walking back towards the tables, and stopped to play with fire. When a fast song came on, we went and did some crazy barn cowboy dance, and everyone stared at us. It was fun, but we were dead tired afterwards, so we went outside to stand by the little lake.

We sat around for a long time talking outside, which was fun. Finally, we left a tiny bit early, and went to old sacramento and sat on a dock next to the sacramento river. While we were trying to get into the parking complex, joseph almost got his car smashed by the tollgate bar thing. On the way out joe and dit were fascinated by a slug.

We then went to Bens house, where I left both my cameras in the car. I don’t have pictures, but we just sat around not doing much. After a whole bunch of chatting and resting, most people went home by 2 or 3 in the morning.