Beeghly Merritt April 13, 2005











I had an interview today for the Beeghly Merritt scholarship. It’s for people who wish to attend UCD next year, and who have saved up a significant amount of earned money for college. It went pretty smoothly, and after it was over, I was wishing they had asked more questions.

Directly afterwards, I went to tennis practice. Then I went to Big 5 and bought two more 10 pound plates for my equipment at home. When I got home, I went out and played a bit of golf with my brother. We found a second ball, so we can finally play some “games” now.

I submitted my SIR for UC Davis today, which means I’m going there next year. Chris told me about the system they give you to choose your email, and we thought up some pretty wild and funny ones. You have to have any three random first letters, and then any consecutive letters in your last name.

My email for college next year is:

Haha. Thats pretty great huh. “Hey whats your email?” “Oh I’m dying at uc davis.” Good luck with college decisions everyone. God bless.

Tomorrow is the national day of truth. Click the following link for more information.

Day of Truth

This is in response to the day of silence which occured across the country today. It was an event sponsored by the GLSEN (The Gay, Lesbian, Straight Educational Network). This response the day after is sponsored by a Christian organization.