Mexico Departure March 18, 2005





















We were supposed to arrive at church today at 8:30 in the morning. Last night Jon Yee contacted me and offered a ride, so I gladly took it. I was supposed to get an extra camera and batteries from joseph this morning, but since it would have conflicted with the ride, I drove to his house really late to get it last night.

In the morning I woke up early and got ready. Jon came as scheduled, and stopped at his house a couple blocks away to do something with a wooden cross he was bringing. We then drove and picked up Darren from his house, and arrived at church on time.

Before getting into the vans, we did some last minute checking, praying, and goodbyes. After taking a team picture, we all filed into the vans and started our journey to mexico. Seating arrangements were to be switched around every two stops, which translated into a couple hours with each random van group. In the first two stops, I sat near Sammy W. and Jeremiah, who got me into crocheting. I worked hard and made a tiny bit of progress, but started over around seven times. After a couple hours of doing crochet, I had nothing.

Passing a lot of boring but beautiful rolling green hills, we stopped to eat at in-n-out. I got my usual two hamburgers, and then added in a neopolitan shake. We then walked downhill back to our vans.

The rest of the day’s journey was pretty plain. We passed more green fields and occasionally a purple one, and had quite a few bathroom breaks at different restraunts and gas stations (I did not take this picture).

We finally arrived at the place we were going to stay for the night: Azusa Pacific University. It was pretty wet and dark when we got there, and we just unloaded our short term luggage, aka backpacks. Our sleeping place was going to be a classroom in the media building, with the girls staying in the classroom next door. The desks were all moved to the side, and we set up our sleeping bags in the center on the ground.

Once we were all set up, we were allowed to go out and get food. A bunch of people went to eat at Pho 777, but a few of us went and ate at Chinese Taste, a chinese food place a few doors down. The lady seemed stressed, and was slightly mean and acted annoyed. We kept going up and asking for stuff like water cups and forks. When Celest and a few others came in, I let them finish my order, so when I went and asked for two forks, the lady grabbed a handfull and gave them to me. Thats about when we realized it was a few minutes past closing time for the place, so we hurried out.

On the way, we noticed a giant 99 cent store, so we decided to go there after dinner. We crossed the road and walked to the store, which had one of the 9s broken, so from a distance it looked like a 9 cent store. Not long after we started looking around inside, we all started wishing there was such a store near where we lived. Everything you can imagine lined the shelves at impossibly low prices. Candy was a ton for a dollar, flip flops were a buck, and random items lined the shelves. It was also funny because we found the most random stuff on the shelves, such as a pack of green peppers on a shelf for shoes and accessories. If that’s not weird enough, how about a bag of naked nuts? When we were leaving, we realized how ghetto the place was, after seeing our purchased items packed in rite aid plastic bags, and a big welcome mat held together with duct tape.

With our new goods, we headed back to the university. Travis’ brother Jarod came to visit from UC Riverside, so a whole group of them stood outside for a long time talking into the night, while the older people and core members sat inside a different building. Inside the classroom, the guys were breakdancing, playing cards, and sleeping already. Soon we were all tired, so we quickly got ready for bed, and fell asleep.