First Photoblog Post December 16, 2004

Welcome to the first entry of my new photoblog. Here I will regularly post pictures from all the “exciting” things I do in everyday life. Have fun.

DSC0055612 (50).JPG

DSC006981 (36).JPG

DSC006981 (50).JPG

DSC006981 (59).JPG

DSC007641 (3).JPG

DSC007641 (42).JPG

DSC0055612 (43).JPG

DSC006981 (19).JPG

DSC0061522 (19).JPG

DSC0061522 (49).JPG

For my first entry in this new photoblog, I’m posting these photos I took when i first started shooting for fun.

This was near the beginning when I started taking a lot of pictures with our Sony DSC-F707. Quite a few were taken in the garden and backyard.

I tried to keep in mind the two thirds rule my buddy Chris told me. I think they turned out okay.

I’m going to try and bring my camera along in my pocket wherever I am, including school, outings, etc… Hopefully I won’t get tired of doing this =) If you enjoy the pics from my life, feel free to comment and tell me what you think. If you don’t like them, comment anyways, because I don’t care.

Have fun dudes and dudettes.

–Michael Zhang